Developing optimal environments and mindsets for award winning ideas

“Our ideas are better, and campaigns more successful, than ever before, all thanks to this training”
-Shaun Hill, iProspect

The way in which businesses operate can often hinder, rather than facilitate, creative teams.

Research tells us that true creativity happens offline, we cannot come up with original ideas under pressure and we need novel social and physical stimuli in order to create the new neural networks that will spark our best ideas.

Through understanding how creativity works in the brain and what conditions we need to creatively thrive, we can begin to have those elusive original, powerful ideas regularly and easily.

Our workshops have helped multiple teams fundamentally transform how they treat idea generation and creativity to work with the innovative fundamentals of our brains, rather than against them.

The training is bespoke to your requirements but we cover:

How creativity works:

Understanding the physiological process, what is happening in our brains when we have that true spark of creativity, enables us to understand, and consequently recreate creativity in ourselves, rather than just ‘waiting for it’ to happen.

Conditions for creativity:

Understanding how businesses and individuals can optimise their conditions, routines and habits to generate more powerful ideas more regularly.

Brain based process:

A framework for better idea creation that can be applied to multiple scenarios, developing with our brain in mind.

Training Outcomes

Equip it.

Equip attendees with practical skills and exercises to better creativity

Develop it.

Develop a process for idea generation that works with all personality types and styles

Use it.

Use the workshop to build an “ideas bank” for clients the team can use in the future

Learn it.

Learn how to supercharge output from brainstorming sessions

Understand it.

Understand how to ensure ideas will resonate with the intended audience

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