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“After finding myself the only female speaker at a conference more than once, I began to give free presentation training to women to try and do my bit, in a small way, to try and balance the playing field.

Speaking to people about the fears they had when it came to public speaking, presenting to clients or sharing ideas in meetings, I realised that providing training on simply how to present wasn’t the solution, and this isn’t a woman only problem. In fact, I did some research and surveyed over 400 people and 94% of them reported that a lack of confidence can hold them back.

The solution was to create workshops where all people can discover their voice, feel empowered and find the confidence to get on stage, speak up in a team environment or confidently communicate ideas in the first instance. Taking lessons from the fundamentals of neuroscience, my experience presenting in corporate environments and what I learnt from a surprisingly successful stint in stand up comedy, I developed a workshop to help people understand not only how to present better on stage and have effective conversations, but also to let go of their inhibitions, find the fun in failure and to create the confidence to put themselves out there. The workshops consist of taught elements, alongside interactive group exercises.”

– Kirsty Hulse, Founder

Workshop Outcomes

Research backed.

Empower attendees with a scientific understanding of why we feel nervous


Equip attendees with practical skills and exercises to regulate emotion

Lasting impact.

Help attendees understand and embrace their unique presenting style

Tangible results.

Give experience of presenting in group dynamics

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