Advanced presentation training to radically improve how your teams pitch, report and sell

Turn disengaging, detail heavy presentations into powerful tools for connection and impact

Presentations, whether it’s a QBR, pitch, monthly report or strategy overview is the most powerful tool we have within our arsenal to get clients to buy into you, your ideas and your work. Too often agencies will present deliverables, get laser focused on showcasing ‘your methodoly’ or read through dense, dry information. This misses out on the huge opportunity that genuinely inspiring, emotionally resonant and audience focused presentations¬† can generate.

Presentations are not just a voiceover for a deliverable

We present to clients and teams to create emotional impact, control the narrative and drive home key points. Learning to do this is a skill in itself and something that doesn’t just ‘happen’. At some level in our agency careers we move away from presenting simply to inform, and begin to present to inspire. These are fundamentally different skillsets. Through connecting with the audiences needs, adding storytelling, reducing information, increasing visual cues we can create presentations that make our clients lean in and feel genuinely delighted that they chose to work with you. And this, we simply cannot do with data alone.

This training radically changed how our teams present to our clients. Before we were reading from scripts, focusing on ‘us’ and not really taking the client into consideration at all. We haven’t lost a pitch since.¬†

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