Creating powerful communicators and expert client managers

We do much better work when we feel valued and respected. Research shows that our brains respond to criticism as a threat and narrows its activity. Focusing on shortcomings does not enable learning, it impares it. So how can we have difficult conversations, and give constructive feedback, without impairing learning? “Having ran a marketing agency for several years, you end up being the ultimate point of escalation. Your remit becomes largely centered around how to control difficult conversations and get the desired outcome, with both clients and colleagues.”

Understanding exactly how to manage unhappy clients and effectively communicate dissatisfaction with performance or output, without damaging the relationship, is one of the most valuable skills in professional environments. I developed a framework, based on the fundamentals of neuroscience, to better human understanding, and provide specific tactics, tools and a framework for positive, professional communication.” – Kirsty Hulse, Founder The workshops consist of taught elements, alongside interactive group exercises.

Workshop Outcomes

Equip it.

Empower attendees with a scientific understanding of how negative discource impacts the brain and why receiving critical feedback can often hinder more than inspire us

Develop it.

Equip attendees with practical skills and exercises to resolve conflict

Use it.

Understand how to set positive intentions for any conversation Learn a framework to positively structure difficult feedback conversations

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