The Roar Community as it stands is now closed <3

We are building something even better and even more powerful with more tools, support and resources to help you thrive. If you are interested in hearing what’s coming, fill in the form below.

Roar! Together Connect, Collaborate and Bring Your A-Game

“Roar! Together is a fantastic community, giving support and encouragement to be brave, reach higher and own it.”

Learning how to roll with life’s changes is essential, now more than ever. As is staying connected to each other, maintaining focus on priorities and keeping calm and centred. Roar! Together is an online accelerator that will allow you to learn, connect, collaborate and bring your a-game.

Together, we are stronger.

An online accelerator to supercharge your success

Group Coaching

Get hands on practical support from Kirsty alongside world leading coaches and facilitators


Learn practical techniques to develop confidence, overcome impostor syndrome, communicate compellingly and shine with authority and clarity.

Guided meditations

Regular guided meditations from expert meditation teachers tailored to help you thrive

Excercise and techniques

Evidence based techniques to increase your confidence and communication skills

Your Tribe

A powerful community of allies to network, connect and empower

Our high-impact material is designed to help you develop a solid foundation for sustainable personal growth. With our seminars, coaching and resources, plus being part of a like-minded Slack community that are looking to lift each other up, you will grow confidently in the direction that suits you.

You have the freedom to join us for a month, or stay for the full six-month cycle.

At the end of that six-month cycle, we’ll start it up again. The second cycle will be adapted based on what we learn together and your feedback. This is about you and your personal growth. You can help us shape this.

You can join in the community any point. This is a moving feast!

A six-month cycle of different themes to empower and encourage

Who is this community for?

This is for anyone who is serious about personal development, feeling more capable and confident in work, growing your business or discovering more about who you really are. It will be incorporating information and practical advice from science, psychology and the world of business. The information shared here will also support emotional and mental wellbeing, since if we are able to understand more about how to manage ourselves, we can apply those skills to any situation in life.

How do I sign up?

You can sign up using the table below. Once you sign up, you’ll receive an email giving you all the detail on what to expect, next steps and call dates.