Welcome to the community!

Getting Started

Firstly, well done! Well done for taking the step towards grounding yourself and coming together with a group of like minded people to explore important ideas. We have many skills that can help us grow and thrive through change. Together, we are stronger. The work we are about to do together will help you to build confidence in yourself and your abilities, develop emotional resilience, maintain calmness of mind and gain perspective on the times we are living in.

Step 1.

1. The first thing to do is sign up to our Slack Community here:

Within this community you can access all the dates for the online seminars, online group coaching, receive valuable resources/materials for learning, as well as community access. Most live sessions will be recorded (via Zoom), so if you can’t make any of the dates no worries, they will be shared as resources for you to watch when you can.