Webinar: Reconnect with your mojo

A lack of motivation, fatigue and not feeling engaged are common, expected, rational, justified and understanable responses to having our worlds turned upside down.

For many of us this lack of motivation is making us feel guilty, worried that we are losing our “mojo”, losing our skills and forgetting how to do our jobs. Whilst feeling low energy and low mood is completely justified, so many of us want to feel motivated and inspired again. With a big bucket of compassion, this webinar is here to serve you and teach practical ways we can put a bit of pep back in our step.

There are tools and techniques we can use to lift ourselves, and each other up, ways in which you can structure your day to go with your energy and conversations you can have with yourself to reconnect with your goals, dreams and professional ambitions.

This webinar will leave you feeling uplifted, excited and with some skills to carry that through.