Our long term intentions to actively fight systemic racism

I would not be alone in saying that the past few days, weeks and months have been some of the most collectively intense and traumatic throughout human history. And I say that with a shameful awareness that for those who are victims of systemised racism, this shit is nothing new. The bottom is falling out of our world and to quote a personal hero of mine and motivational speaker Lisa Nichols “the best time to build a new foundation is when the current one is being disrupted”.

As a business owner I recognise that I have an opportunity to make real impact. In order to do that I need to commit to long term, meaningful action. I am setting these intentions here simply to put my personal stake in the ground of saying I commit to taking practical steps for the indefinte future. To ensure that I am held accountable. I commit to consciously taking action. I commit to actively seek out opportunities to lift marganalised groups. I commit to dig deeper into myself, my biases and my blind spots. I commit to educating myself and others around me. I commit to being an active ally, now and forever, beyond what I have done before.

This is a moving feast and as we learn and lean into this work more, this will evolve, though as of today I will:

  • Use the Roar! Together community as a place to openly and supportively discuss ideas and educate ourselves. Practically, this looks like a monthly book club where we read and discuss literate from the Black community.
  • I commit to dedicating my time to mentoring 2 young Black people and will continue to do this ongoing.
  • I commit to educating myself on how to become an inclusive coach and create safe, supportive spaces. (I am starting here).
  • I have dedicated my career, money, energy and resources to getting more women speaking on stages, though I have never taken committed and conscious action to make sure that is representative of all women and not just my predominaterly white network. I am really noting how I missed that, how I didn’t see it, how I was blind to that. Going forwards I will take additional steps to combat this. Practically this looks like contacting Black communities and actively inviting participation and ensuring free places are given to those communities.
  • In my ongoing personal and professional development, I commit to buying from Black coaches, trainers and mentors to both financially support these communities but also continue to learn from others with different perspectives and experiences.
  • I commit to trying, putting my ego aside and humility first and to never let this awareness fade away again and to begin a life long journey of becoming an anti-racism advocate.

I am open to any and all thoughts, comments and suggestions.

Thank you

Kirsty x