Nominate a friend for a fully funded place on Confidence Now

I wasn’t planning on running another open confidence program for a while, but the current group are absolutely smashing it, it’s such a wonderful thing and I had a few people asking me when they could join. I have already sold 4 places and I hadn’t even updated the dates on the website. GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT.

So. Confidence Now is my 8 week, intensive, not that many places, powerful, getting deep into it, program for people looking to obliterate self doubt, really start showing up, learn about themselves, treat themselves with buckets of compassion and self respect, be open to human connection and putting yourself into the world. Also for this cohort your girl is going to be a fully licensed Hypnotherapist too so my tool belt is…bulging. Weird.

I always offer scholarship places on my programs and 99% of people say “I don’t need it, save it for someone else who does” because you are all absolute royalty. I am, however, so mindful of ensuring my work reaches as many people as possible outside of my direct network, that I am supporting and giving back to communities that lifted me, that I champion underrepresented groups, that I support new business owners and I am as consciously inclusive as possible. Based on this, I thought it might be nice to extend this beyond myself and ask you, dear reader, if you would like to nominate the people in your life who you think might benefit from this program. Everyone is always welcome, there are no rules about who you can or can’t nominate, just whatever feels right to you, if someone comes to mind. The sessions are at 5pm UK time so within reasonable ET, PST timezones and I have trained in creating safe, inclusive spaces (🙏).

I will pick people entirely at random and save all suggestions for future programs. And I am always open for any feedback or suggestions on how to keep showing up for as many people as possible.

Nominate away.