How To Soften Negative Self Comparison Live Masterclass

The past few weeks in my work I have seen a significant rise in people sharing that they are struggling with feeling “lesser than” others. So often we will reach for our phones to look at what other people are doing, to convince ourselves we are not good enough. So much of our energy gets expended watching what others are doing, convincing ourselves that there’s no point in trying, we’ll never make the cut. Doing this is normal and natural, but it does not serve us.

This interactive masterclass will teach you

  • Why humans can easily default to negative self comparison and how normal it is
  • The positive intentions behind these behaviours
  • Tools and strategies that we can choose instead
  • Techniques to ensure we curate spaces of inspiration

This masterclass encourages sharing, so please be mindful I’ll invite discussion and welcome cameras on and interaction. <3