WAY better Business Presentations Bootcamp

Turn dull, disengaging, detail heavy presentations into captivating content you ACTUALLY enjoy delivering

  • Do your presentations feel dry, boring and as flat as an OAPs cycling route of the Netherlands? (Go with it).
  • Can you feel your audience switch off as you walk through slide after slide of graphs and stats?
  • Do you find yourself bogged down in notes, reading off the screen instead of actually connecting with the people listening?
  • Do you know that feeling when your audience gets distracted and starts thinking about lunch?
  • Do you wish that you could ACTUALLY ENJOY presenting and feel confident that your material is interesting and valuable to your audience?

I got you.

Having ran a business for years, having conversations with large C-Suite audiences in some of the world’s biggest companies on arguably some of the world’s driest topics, I know the feeling of boring yourself when presenting. In 2020, I transitioned to be a motivational speaker, and learnt huge amounts about how to tell stories, connect with audiences and make dense, detail material feel like a stimulating lively conversation.

Whether it’s pitches, reports, QBRs, townhalls, investor meetings or your wedding speech that’s making your toes curls, after this one day intensive bootcamp you will:

  • Know what keeps audiences interested when listening to you, regardless of the topic of format
  • Understand how to use simple, everyday storytelling in business contexts to take your presentations from boring to brilliant
  • Be able to use humour to connect with your audience
  • Structure every single presentation you ever do like it’s giving Michelle Obama
  • Feel fully confident in your ability to deliver a kick ass presentation
  • Able to regulate pre performance jitters and use them to your advantage
  • Ready to take on the world/stage/boardroom

This bootcamp is ideally suited to people who are actively working towards delivering a real event, whether that’s a conference talk or a simple weekly client meeting – it’s going to be interactive and working directly with your material, so come with an open mind and open laptop. You may be invited to tip toe ever so slightly outside your comfort zone presenting to the group, but if you’re ready to get really f*cking good at presenting (which I think you are, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this) then I promise you will leave the bootcamp thinking “yes, I am awesome at presenting, let’s do this, BRING ME THE STAGE”.

(You may not believe that last part yet, but if I can get literally thousands of people delivering incredible presentations when they literally never could, I can do it with you too).

What you get

  • A full day bootcamp in person, in London with Kirsty on the 15th September 2023. 10am – 5pm
  • A follow up 1 hour virtual presentation coaching from Kirsty’s highly qualified presentation trainer team, to use whenever you need some extra support
  • Free access to presentation checklists, frameworks and storytelling worksheets for life.