January 2020 Full Day Confidence Workshop London

94% of us agree that lack a confidence can sometimes hold us back. 

We have helped hundreds of people speak at events, increase prices, get a promotion, communicate compellingly and turn threats into opportunities.

So many of us feel inequipped, nervous or anxious in the workplace. Worried that we will get uncovered as an imposter, that we don’t know as much as those around us, that we will say something and look stupid.

We empower you, with evidence based training that delivers practical results.

Through understanding the root of confidence and fear in our brains and bodies, we can learn techniques to start to manage them, and build self belief over time, so that we can pursue all opoortunties we may want to, and no longer let fear or nerves stop us from performing at our best.

Workshop Outcomes

  • Empower attendees with a scientific understanding of why we feel nervous
  • Equip attendees with practical skills and exercises to regulate emotion
  • Help attendees understand and embrace their unique presenting style
  • Give experience of presenting in group dynamics
  • Provide tools to create positive, solutions focused communication with peers and clients
  • Give tactical feedback on delivery and articulation in a constructive, supportive environment

When and Where?

Friday 17th January. 10am. – 5pm. (We’ll provide water, coffee and tea).

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