In person Presentation Training Bootcamp

Face to face events are starting to open up. Offices are opening. We’ve been behind screens and we’ve forgotten how to wear anything other than leggings.

This full day in person bootcamp will get you confidently presentation ready – it’s interactive and tailored to people who want to work on something specific and upcoming.

We’ll talk how to regulate nerves, use body language to your favour, structure your talk, improve your storytelling and get you ready to absolutely crush it.

You will leave the day feeling

  • Clear on your presentation structure
  • Confident in your ability to deliver a kick ass presentation
  • Able to regulate pre performance jitters and use them to your advantage
  • Ready to take on the world/stage/boardroom

This bootcamp is ideally suited to people who are actively working towards delivering a real event – it’s going to be interactive and working directly with your material.