Roar training.


In a world where over half (54%) of women actively feel as though their gender has negatively affected their career progression and 31% of men have experienced a female co-worker being treated unfairly because of their gender, learning how to be a positive, influential ally to women in the workplace is an invaluable skill.

We provide allies training for men* in the workplace so they can appropriately encourage and help foster the confidence and personal growth of female colleagues and peers.

Workshop Outcomes

Among other skills, trained Allies will have:

  • An evidence-based approach on how to approach professional equality
  • An awareness and understanding of inherent bias
  • Opportunities to explore and develop inclusive behaviours and approaches
  • Understand what it means to be an active ally when nobody is watching
  • Learn positive listening skills and techniques for having good-quality conversations
  • Come away with increased confidence to become a visible and influential ally

Who Can Attend

We encourage any attendees who actively identify as male, from a range of sectors, backgrounds and levels as seniority.

*We are very aware this is like, super binary. See our inclusivity policy here:

It's time to level the professional playing field


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