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Roar training.

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Imagine if all your agency team were skilled, expert communicators and persuaders, using a research-based framework to resolve conflict and influence clients, so that issues could be consistently resolved with ease. Imagine if all your agency team could pitch ideas compellingly and get them signed off, recognised as thought leaders, powerful brand ambassadors and were […]


“After finding myself the only female speaker at a conference more than once, I began to give free presentation training to women to try and do my bit, in a small way, to try and balance the playing field. Speaking to people about the fears they had when it came to public speaking, presenting to […]


We do much better work when we feel valued and respected. Research shows that our brains respond to criticism as a threat and narrows its activity. Focusing on shortcomings does not enable learning, it impares it. So how can we have difficult conversations, and give constructive feedback, without impairing learning? “Having ran a marketing agency […]


In a world where¬†over half (54%) of women actively feel as though their gender has negatively affected their career progression and 31% of men have experienced a female co-worker being treated unfairly because of their gender,¬†learning how to be a positive, influential ally to women in the workplace is an invaluable skill. We provide allies […]